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Rigid heddle loom

The rigid heddle loom is used in handicraft to weave narrow width canvas, small jobs or for hobby activities. You must place the rigid heddle loom on a a shelf to work with it and this is why it is called table loom. T01 series can become autonomous looms by adding an easel. All the looms are made by varnished beech-wood strong manifacture, with powder coated beams and rigid heddle reeds for both beat and comb.


The yarns of the warp rolled up on the back beam are inserted in the rigid heddle reed alternating spaces and holes. When the reed is up to the top notch of the reed- holder all the yarns in the holes rise up and the yarns in the cracks remain horizontal. It creates an opening, a lease- shed, in which is inserted the stick shuttle with the weft yarn. The weft is beaten using the reed to press the yarn. Then the reed is moved down to the bottom notch of the reed- holder. The yarns in the holes from up move down, producing a cross with the yarns in the spaces, so block the weft yarn and make the fabric. When a part of fabric is made up and there isn’t place to insert other wefts, the back block beam must be disengaged and the fabric rolled up on the front beam, making available a new part of warp to weave.

Multi heald frames looms

The multi heald frames loom has a metallic interchangeable flat reed and manual levers or pedals whereby moving up some frames and down some others. In the frames there are wire healds with holes in the middle where to insert the warp yarns. Levers have noise dampers that silence the operation. Those looms allow to reach a professional level and improve your ability, enhancing the loom with suitable kit and accessories for all the weaver needs. Some accessories improve comfort in weaving, as the adjustable bench with drawer, others help in the action of weaving, as the sectional warper and the others kits, speeding the work.

Tapestry looms

The tapestry looms has two clamps to fix the loom to the table. Thanks to an original junction, it can be inclined forward or backward or moved up or down in front of the weaver. With this kind of loom is possible to make designs and could be achieved an high professionalism in weaving. 

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